Unit plating, milling machines and Compressor Tabriz Company Vrqkary with special facilities and experienced human resources to take advantage of the facilities are ready to cooperate workshop

1-plating (heat treatment unit):

This series of workshop facilities include:

Full line of gas furnaces with shielding gas (two-semester)

Preheated oven and indirect flame sheet

Ircast Zyly furnace with a capacity of 2 tons to Tnshgyry and annealing and normalization

Washing machine for cleaning solvent 402 and F Chrbgyry parts without fouling

Shot blasting (shot woman)

Sandblasting (sand woman)

Vibration (fold-making components, especially small parts)

Snkvryt: grinding operation covers parts or all of the chemicals (mummified)

Hardness in different ways (of hardness)

2-machining and milling

Machining unit this set is one of the most experienced and most experienced machining and milling production line is ready to provide the following services.

Kary- machine milling – grinding – CNG – cutting – drilling and related services

3-Iron sheet services

Vrqkary unit with special facilities and experienced human resources to take advantage of existing facilities workshop is ready to cooperate.

Services and manufacturing work done in workshops Vrqkary:

For angular bending and tube

Types of heat treatment can be carried out in the company

Hardening heat treatable steels and tool steels, cold work and Grmkar and the form and …

Cemantonation (of carbon) to depth of 2 mm while maintaining excellent surface quality and appearance parts

Back (tempering) – normalization of details – the stress of cast iron and steel – types of annealing on cast iron and steel