Location and Equipment of CST

Location and Equipment:

  1. Factory Specification:

CST factory with an area of 90,000 square meters is located in Qaramolk in the city of Tabriz .

It contains machining workshops with about 50 sets of milling machine, drill, etc., the sheet and welding workshop with about 45 units of cutting machines, bending, rollers, welding & etc.., the heat treatment workshop with approximately 25 types electrolytic furnaces, hardening heat treatment, etc., and the tool-making and tool sharpeners workshop with about 18 types of milling machine, drills and stone.

Other workshops are the assembly CNG and industrial compressors workshops, the mining and pneumatic instruments workshops and the technical services with more than 100 sets of equipment including overhead cranes, columnar, Jib, rail and ground lift, lathing, milling, pressing and so on.

  1. The standards used in the activities:

CST used DIN-BS, ASME, API, AWS, SA, IPS-ETP and other technical standards for production and testing.  It is also under license of Ingersoll Rand, Kampyr COMPAIR, ASPERO & FTI (CNG) and official representatives GHH-RAND.

  1. Guaranty and Warranty:

CNG station equipment are guaranteed one or two years (5000 or 10000 hours of compressor operation) and are warranted for 15 years.

  1. workspace and administrative area:



Total factory area

90000 m2

Production hall I

9286 m2

Production hall II

2847 m2


7637 m2

Office building

2400 m2

Sales and after-sales service area

2304 m2

Energy area

720 m2

Security and health center

456 m2

Canteen, mosque

1365 m2

Compressor test workshop

276 m2

Entrance gateway

48 m2

Sand workshop

132 m2

New building (locker rooms and offices)

926 m2

Factory area (non-roofed)

61603 m2

Central offices (Tehran)

400 m2