Compressor Sazi Tabriz capabilities


1- Having knowledge of design and construction of CNG stations equipment package includes the compressor, dryer, dispensers, gas storage and SCADA system.

2- Studying of traffic jam and capacity of CNG fueling stations and design civil, mechanical and electrical of stations.

3-Manufacturing and production of portable and stationary diesel compressors with different capacities and pressures

4- Design, manufacture and production of fixed and portable electric compressors including oil-free and oil injected with different capacities and pressures.

5- Design, manufacture and Installation of air and gas compressors for special purposes.

6-Manufacturing equipment to produce nitrogen, oxygen, liquid argon and gas.

7-Manufacture and supply of compressed air accessories including dryer, water separator, micro-filtration and compressed air storage tanks.

8- Manufacture and supply of spare parts for different types of compressors.

9-Having a wide network of sales and after-sales service across the country.

10-Design and construction of storage tanks in different dimensions and high capacities.

11-Design and development of high-pressure tanks.

12- Design and construction of pressure reducing stations.

13-Design and construction of gas injection compressors.

14-Study and design gas transfer stations to supply gas to impassable places (mother-daughter stations).

15-Provide CNG low capacity package to install in offices, barracks and so on also provide home CNG equipment.

16-Having license to maintenance & repair CNG stations.

17- Design and provide engineering services.