After sales services

After-sales services will be presented to all our customers. Our representations around the country supply spare parts and after sales services to them. Technicians of CNG after sales services are resident in provinces with more than 5 stations and are growing according to the number of stations. Customer satisfaction is a primary policy of our company. Customers’ requirements and after sales services will be available continuously and in the shortest possible time. The company’s goals and policy to achieve customer satisfaction are as follows:  1- continuous personnel training 2- attention to customers’ comments and complaints 3- improve designed and technology knowledge appropriate to local facilities 4-Apply corrective procedures in order to constantly improve the quality 5- continuous improvement of after sales services and supply of spare parts to customer easy accesses.

The most important tasks of both Air and CNG after-sales service of Compressor Sazi Tabriz are as follows:

Provide Guaranty services to all company products

Provide after-sales services to all products after the Guaranty period

Sale original spare parts by Compressor Sazi Tabriz brand

Provide spare parts for 15 years.

Having more than 15 representations across the country to present spare parts with company logo

Sending technician over Iran to service and repair of company products, on time and quickly

Continuous tracking and preventing of counterfeit spare parts production

 No. of Air after-sales service is 0411-2890789

The most important tasks of CNG commissioning and after-sales services are as follows:

Commissioning and temporarily delivery of station to station owners according to employer instructions

Preventive maintenance services

Regular inspection and services of equipment

Ability to supply spare parts for 15 years

Provide regular and technical reports for safe operation

Permanently delivered after Guaranty period under Guaranty statute

Maintenance and service of the station within the Guaranty period

Maintenance and repair contract with the station owners after Guaranty period

No. of CNG after-sales service is 0411-2865553

Guarantee and warranty

All company product will be guaranteed according to equipment model, type and work hours. Also after the Guaranty period they will be warranted for 15 years.